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About Us

Our mission: to find your voice

Vocavie is a non-profit organization that offers vocal stimulation activities adapted to people who have needs in terms of their voice or their communication.


Our mission is to encourage social participation, increase self-confidence and break the isolation of people who have particularities in terms of voice.


To do this, our organization offers activities and strategies focused on voice and communication, online, to people wishing to improve their voice and who do not have access to speech therapy intervention services. With this in mind, the people who make up the Vocavie team draw inspiration from their personal experiences as well as evidence in the field of the voice to create and continuously develop exercises adapted to the needs of their clientele. In addition, the person benefiting from Vocavie's activities is an integral part of the activity creation process, since the latter is invited to share their communication and voice needs with the team.


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